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October 9, 2020

Nissan Revamps U.S. Commercial Vehicle Business

Nissan NEXT moves the business forward with focus on core vehicles

October 9, 2020 NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Nissan is helping to move customer businesses forward by revamping its commercial vehicle offerings in the U.S. The new Nissan Business Advantage provides a one-stop shopping solution for companies of all sizes with the full lineup of Nissan vehicles* now available in its commercial program.

''Success in North America is critical to the Nissan NEXT transformation plan, and we are concentrating on our core business and products,'' said Michael Colleran, senior vice president, Nissan U.S. Marketing & Sales. ''With Nissan Business Advantage, we can meet the unique needs of any business owner by providing a full array of vehicles for their companies to get the job done.''

In order to focus on core products, the company will end production of its NV Cargo, Passenger and NV200 vans in the summer of 2021, and concentrate on Nissan Business Advantage to provide more choices to commercial vehicle customers. Sales of vans in the U.S., through established Business Certified Dealers (for NV Cargo and Passenger), will continue through calendar year 2021, or until supply is exhausted.

Nissan Business Advantage

Nissan Business Advantage is a one-stop-shop approach for business owners to use Nissan and its nationwide dealer network to help meet their vehicle needs before, during and after the sale.

  • Full vehicle lineup: All Nissan vehicles qualify.
  • Commercial financing: Special commercial lending programs start at sales of two vehicles or more.
  • Unique sales incentives: Business-to-business offers, upfit allowances and opportunity to earn awards on purchases.
  • On-demand delivery: Business purchases can be from dealer stock or built to order. Personalized delivery is available from all Nissan dealers.
  • Priority service: Roadside assistance, in dealer service and prepaid maintenance to keep business vehicles on the road and working for Nissan business customers.
  • Centralized billing: Consolidated and simplified monthly billing for business vehicles serviced at Nissan dealerships (available in March 2021).

''From three Nissan Frontier pickups for a pest-control business to several Nissan Rogues for pharmaceutical representatives to make doctor calls, Nissan provides customized vehicle solutions for nearly anyone,'' said Colleran.

Nissan is in the middle of an aggressive product offensive in the U.S. -- revealing 10 new products in 20 months -- with six coming to showrooms by the end of 2021, of which all will be available to Business Advantage customers.

*GT-R is excluded from this program.

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