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Ford introduces the FORD BPN (Business Preferred Network) COMMERCIAL TRUCK program. The program is popular with businesses and Ford continues to lead the commercial vehicle segment.


Jan. 24, 2006 -- Nissan announces it will create a new division responsible for the sales and marketing of light commercial vehicles (LCV) and fleet sales in the United States. The new LCV lineup is a major part of Nissan's future profit and volume plans for the U.S.
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April 7, 2008 -- Nissan announces it is entering the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) business in North America. Globally, the LCV business is now a substantial part of Nissan's sales and profitability, representing a significant part of Nissan total vehicle sales.
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February 14, 2008 -- Nissan registers the NissanLCV.com domain name.

April 10, 2008 -- Nissan registers the NissanCommercialVehicles.com domain name.


Nissan introduces the groundbreaking 2011 NV High-top roof and Standard roof full-size cargo vans. The automotive pundits are excited, and many predict a major Nissan growth or possible Nissan take-over as leader in the segment.


ROGEE DeaelerSERVE develops its groundbreaking CVM (Commercial Vehicles Manager) platform specifically to help Nissan dealers market the Nissan Commercial Vehicles program to local businesses. ROGEE CVM quickly becomes popular with Nissan dealers across the country.


Ford introduces the Transit (full-size) and Transit Connect (compact) vans. The Ford vans are received with high praises from many automotive pundits.


February 7, 2013 -- Nissan introduces the NV200 Compact Cargo Van to join the Nissan Commercial Vehicles Lineup. The NV200 gains popularity with America's businesses and sells 5,412 units in the next 12 months (3/2013 to 2/2014). For 2014, Nissan sold 13,385 NV200 compact vans and 14,890 NV full-size vans.
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Ford ends the E-Series full-size cargo and passenger vans (replaced by the Transit and Transit Connect vans). Ford continues to dominate the commercial van segment, followed by RAM and Chevrolet.


Jan. 30, 2014 -- Nissan applies for the registration of the BUSINESS CERTIFIED trademark with the USPTO. This keyword (BUSINESS CERTIFIED) becomes the official designation for dealers that became certified by Nissan as ready to serve business and fleet customers.

Nov. 18, 2014 - The BUSINESS CERTIFIED trademark (Registration Number: 4642591) is granted by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).


June 19, 2014 -- Nissan announces ''AMERICA'S BEST COMMERCIAL VAN WARRANTY*'' on its Light Commercial Vehicles, increasing basic limited warranty coverage from 3 years/36,000 miles to 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The powertrain limited warranty is also extended from 5 years/60,000 miles to 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first.
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*Claim based on years/mileage covered under the 2014 New Vehicle Limited Warranty basic coverage. See dealer for details.


''Commercial Vehicles'' keyword in Search Engines

ROGEE DealerSERVE, the leading provider of standalone fleetail B2B websites for NISSAN dealers, notices more and more FORD dealers beginning to use the ''commercial vehicles'' keyword in their Search Engine Optimization and other Internet campaigns.

At the time, we suspected that the use of the ''commercial vehicles'' keyword was merely done by FORD dealers' webmasters in response to the ROGEE success with our 200+ NISSAN dealers. However, the FORD leadership soon noticed the power of this keyword, which led to the eventual capture of the keyword from NISSAN in 2017.


Ford Grows.

April 25, 2016 -- Ford registers the FordCommercialVehicleCenter.com domain name. Ford reports record sales in the Commercial Vehicle segment for North America, Europe, and other markets.
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Nissan Falters.

According to the automotive pundits, it's become clear that Ford may have successfully defended against a possible Nissan growth or take-over of the Light Commercial Vehicles segment. Nissan shows major signs of a struggle in the segment.

Our daily conversations with Nissan dealers revealed that the dealers were becoming discouraged with the NV sales numbers and the Nissan Commercial Vehicles program itself; and, for the first time, dealers began canceling their Nissan Commercial Vehicles advertising with ROGEE.


The Big Announcement!

Feb. 1, 2017 -- Ford announces the FORD ''COMMERCIAL VEHICLE'' CENTER program to replace the FORD ''COMMERCIAL TRUCK'' Business Preferred Network program. Ford dealers across the country ramp up their use of the ''commercial vehicles'' keyword on all digital platforms including Internet Search Engines.
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Nissan Grows the NV200.

Nissan continues to strongly advertise the NISSAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLES program. Sales reports show that for 2018 in the United States, Nissan sold 16,902 NV Full-size Vans and 18,628 NV200 Compact Vans.
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Ford Rules the Segment.

Dec. 12, 2018 -- Ford Commercial Vehicle Sales Hit 25-Year High in the European and North American markets.
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For the first time, we hear chatter that Nissan may be considering terminating the Nissan Commercial Vehicles program.


ROGEE invests heavily into its CVM software and reaches out to the Nissan Dealer Network to encourage dealers. We found that morale continued to lessen among the dealers as many more dealers felt less motivated by the NV sales numbers.

We continue to hear stronger chatter that Nissan may terminate or change its Nissan Commercial Vehicles program soon.


The Big Change!

Oct. 9, 2020 -- Nissan announces a pivot from NISSAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLES program to the NISSAN BUSINESS ADVANTAGE program. Production of the NV will end, and all Nissan vehicles (except the GT-R) will qualify for the new NISSAN BUSINESS ADVANTAGE program.

Also, unlike the COMMERCIAL VEHICLES program which was limited to select BUSINESS CERTIFIED dealers, all authorized Nissan dealers in America can participate in the new BUSINESS ADVANTAGE program.
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November, 2020 -- ROGEE begins development of an all-new CVM software to help Nissan dealers with the Business Advantage program. The new software is released 7 months later (July 1, 2021) as ROGEE TOOLS FOR NISSAN DEALERS.


July 1, 2021 -- ROGEE introduces TOOLS FOR NISSAN DEALERS SaaS (Software are a Service) platform, a new and improved B2B Technology and Marketing suite of solutions to help NISSAN better compete with FORD, RAM, TOYOTA, CHEVROLET, GMC, and other brands in the Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) segment. We begin to migrate current ROGEE dealers to the new platform.



Trademark Canceled by USPTO

Aug. 29, 2021 -- The BUSINESS CERTIFIED trademark (Registration Number: 4642591) is canceled by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) due to Registrant (Nissan) non-declaration under Section 8 (intent to continue to use the trademark).

Petition to Reinstate Canceled Trademark
Sep. 07, 2021 -- Nissan submits a ''Petition to Director'' of the USPTO to reinstate the canceled BUSINESS CERTIFIED trademark.

Trademark Publication for Opposition
Sep. 14, 2021 -- The USPTO publishes the NISSAN BUSINESS ADVANTAGE trademark (Serial Number: 90227743) for opposition.

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