Your Business Advantage ROGEE website is a standalone Fleetail B2B (Business-to-Business) website that is 100% dedicated to your dealership. It promotes only your dealership and provides business owners with current information about the Business Advantage Program. Leads are exclusively for your dealership. Your Dealer B2B Website includes a unique domain name and web hosting with Search Engine Optimization.



Current and accurate information is required for business success. Your Fleetail B2B (Business-to-Business) website is linked to your main Retail B2C (Business-to-Consumer) website so shoppers can click to get accurate information about the BUSINESS ADVANTAGE program. Also, the ROGEE team will continually work with your website vendor to keep your retail website updated with links, banners, and other content about the program.


The ROGEE ''BUY-LEASE FOR BUSINESS USE'' Dealer Inventory Button is the first of its kind in the auto industry. Introduced by ROGEE® in July 2021, initially for NISSAN dealers, the button is applied to the SRP and VDP inventory pages at a dealer's Fleetail B2B and Retail B2C websites. This technology makes it possible for any new NISSAN at any dealer's websites to become available to America's millions of businesses and agencies that purchase vehicles for business use.


America Runs on Small Business. The ROGEE Small Business API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible for your dealership to target specific industries and small business professionals. For example, the API for ''REAL ESTATE AGENTS'' provides a link at your website where agents can input their state-provided license number and the API will show them the CURRENT monthly and MYYEAR offers available on NISSAN models recommended for the Real Estate industry. Leads are generated at the click of a button.



Beautiful Internet banners and intriguing graphic artworks are required in promoting content and concepts online. The ROGEE Graphics team will create NISSAN-compliant artworks in various standard sizes that you can use to promote your BUSINESS ADVANTAGE program at your websites and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also use the banners in Search Engine Marketing and other Internet campaigns. You have over 50 banners to select from.


Follow-up is the best method to convert new customers. Follow-up is the most effective way to build loyalty in existing customers. The ROGEE LEADS FOLLOW-UP CALL CENTER will follow-up with your Business & Fleet team for all leads received at your NISSAN Business Advantage website. We also follow-up with the customers. Over the years, ROGEE has helped many NISSAN dealers salvage leads that otherwise would have been lost to competing Brands.


To effectively reach and convert business customers, you have to go where the business customers are. Created in 2000 and upgraded in 2010 to serve local businesses, ROGEE ChamberSERVE is an award-winning platform that helps businesses better connect with each other through their local Chambers of Commerce. In 2010, ChamberSERVE 2.0 helped many NISSAN dealers launch their ''NISSAN Commercial Vehicles'' Program. Created in 2021, the all-new and improved ChamberSERVE 3.0 is included in the ROGEE Tools for NISSAN Dealers.


REPORTS: We use RANDY® (a ROGEE proprietary artificial intelligence virtual assistant platform) to provide your dealership with credible reports and performance data. STATISTICS: We provide ROGEE Original and Third-party (including: Statista, CH Forster, JP Power, and Auto OEMs) statistics and analysis documentation pertaining to the Commercial Vehicle market. The more you know, the better you can build a successful dealership to serve business and fleet customers.


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The Business Services and Technology Solutions for AUTO DEALERS and their customers (car-buying businesses) presented at this website are provided by partners in the ROGEE Marketplace. Collectively, we are committed to the success of local businesses.